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Apa jawaban Anda jika mendapat pertanyaan seperti ini?
Ini beberapa jawaban dari orang tua lain yang saya ambil dari sebuah diskusi di internet.

Encourage them.
My mother taught me to read when I was three. That kept me at the head of the class for the rest of my life.
Children start to read when they’re ready to. *:) happy
Every one is different, but if your son is showing interest then for pete’s sake encourage it! Read to him every night, you’ll be doing him a favor he’ll appreciate for the rest of his life.
I was reading the NY Times to the rest of my class in Kindergarten. *:) happy
We’re working on this with my 3 1/2 year old now. She knows the alphabet and can recognize the capital and small letters, so now we are working on recognizing words.
We have our “word of the week” where we give her a word and how to spell it and reinforce that every day … easy ones like dog, cat, top, etc. We also work on “sounding it out.” She misses the vowels a lot (naturally), but can usually pick out the right consonants.

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I’ll echo Graymalkin here. My parents began teaching me to read as soon as I became interested, and I was reading ‘first grade’ books before I was four. It is the single biggest educational advantage I can think of.
Remember that it’s important for kids to see their parents reading, too.
Yeah, my 8 year old is reading at a 8th grade level. We always encourage our kids to read… It’s been a challenge keeping up with the number of books Lexi is tearing through this summer (like 1 a day)
Kids need to be exposed to books as early as possible, but will be able to read only when developmentally ready. They can’t be pushed. It happens at different ages depending on the kid.
I started reading when I was 3 years old. My great grandmother (RIP) taught me she was a school teacher.
My parents have told me the story of how, when I was 2, I piped up from my car seat: “That sign says ‘Jack in the Box’!”
I was doing the same thing trainman did. Word recognition.
And, I started reading the newspaper at four years old.
Does he want to learn to read right now?
My mother tells me that I showed all the signs of being an early reader, so she asked me if I wanted her to learn to read by myself. To her surprize, I said no. She asked me why not, and I said that I thought she would stop reading stories to me if I could do it by myself. She thought about that and decided it was likely true, so she never pushed me. On the first day of first grade, I came home from school and announced that I was old enough to read now, and dived right in to a book that was probably on the third or fourth grade level, with no trouble. I’ve been a reader ever since. smile emoticon
I could read before Pre-School.. I remember most kids not knowing how.

Jadi apa jawaban Anda…?!
Jawaban saya adalah SEBELUM IA LAHIR…!
Sebelum seorang bayi lahir, orang tuanya (utamanya ibunya) sebaiknya sudah membacakan buku baginya ketika di kandungan.
Saya pernah membaca bahwa para wanita bangsa Yahudi begitu tahu bahwa dirinya hamil mereka langsung membaca buku sebanyak-banyaknya. Mereka belajar matematika dan sains. Tujuannya adalah untuk merangsang otaknya untuk berpikir. Mereka meyakini bahwa jika mereka belajar keras di saat hamil maka itu akan mempengaruhi otak anak yang ada dalam kandungannya.
Saya tidak yakin hal tersebut ada hasil penelitiannya. Tapi jika kita percaya makanan yang dikonsumsi oleh seorang wanita hamil dapat mempengaruhi bayi yang akan dilahirkannya maka mungkin ada benarnya jika seorang calon ibu yang belajar keras pada waktu hamil juga akan mempengaruhi bayinya.


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